Con gusto | nuevo

Con gusto nuevo is a Spanish course for adults that consists of four volumes (A1, A2, B1, B2).

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Con piacere | nuovo

Con piacere nuovo is an Italian course for adults that consists of four volumes (A1, A2, B1, B1+/B2).

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Wir alle: German for young people

Wir alle is a German course for students aged 10+ that consists of 3 volumes (A1, A2, B1)

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Kompass DaF: German for study and work from B1+ to C1

Learn more about Kompass DaF, our new German course for study and work:

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Maximal: modern and innovative

Learn more about Maximal, our German course for students aged 11+.

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Make fast progress with Fantastisch!

Fantastisch! is a German course for teenagers aged 12+ that consists of 3 volumes (A1, A2, B1)

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Rencontres en français: French for beginners - fresh, light, up-to-date

Find out more about Rencontres en français, our brandnew French course for students aged 16+:

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IELT exam preparation

Overview of our Delta titles for the IELTS classroom, from different IELTS courses to teaching material:

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ESTUDIANTES.ELE: Spanish for beginners

Here you can find more information on our latest Spanish beginners course for adult learners:

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Let's Enjoy English

Find out more about Let's Enjoy English, our brandnew English course for adult learners:

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Real Business English - international, practical, result-oriented

Two-volume Business English course covering levels B1 and B2.

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Deutsch echt einfach - beginners' German for teenage students

Three-volume German beginners' course with real-to-life videos.

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Voyages édition internationale - the bestseller now as monolingual edition

International, monolingual edition of our popular French course Voyages. 

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Sage und Schreibe & Klipp und Klar - practice of German vocabulary and grammar

Optimized training of German vocabulary and grammar.

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Allegro nuovo - learning Italian, get to know Italy

Allegro nuovo is a two-volume Italian course for adults. 

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100% DELF scolaire et junior - for an optimized exam preparation

100 % DELF scolaire et junior has been developed especially for young students and is the ideal exam preparation material.

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DaF kompakt neu - German for university students and young professionals

The revised edition of a tried and tested concept ensures a quick success in German language learning.

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Fairway new - to keep you on course!

Fairway new is the revised edition of the successful and well-known Fairway English course. Find out more!

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Our new German course for children: Die Deutschprofis

Inspired by our bestselling title  “Das neue Deutschmobil”, this brand new German course offers everything needed to fascinate and motivate young children.

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Good, better... Great! - our English course is now complete

With the publication of the student's book B2 this course is now complete.

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Voyages neu - a French course that opens up new horizons

With the publication of B1 Voyages neu is complete. Join in and discover this attractive French course. 
My world in German - learning German in a playful way

Meine Welt auf Deutsch - my world in German is a series of illustrated study and exercise books which have been especially designed for primary school children to learn German vocabulary with fun and action. 

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Jasno! - new ways to learn Russian
Network Now - our new English course for adults
Netzwerk – our German course now complete with the publication of B1!

Netzwerk - our German course for adult learners is now complete with the publication of the course book level B1!

Find out more about this German course:

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DaF leicht - our new German course for beginners

Find out more about this new course:

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