• Covers all important grammar topics for levels A1, A2 and B1
  • For students aged 16+, suitable for beginners as well as advanced students
  • Each grammar topic is presented in a short module with a clear structure: explanations on the left are followed by classical exercises on the right, plus exercises that are context based using a wide variety of text types
  • Grammar topics are arranged by word types and sentences for flexible, non-linear use
  • Includes many tips, hints and explanations of relevant vocabulary
  • With regional studies and cultural information on German-speaking countries
  • Modern four-coloured layout with many photographs
  • All solutions in the appendix
  • Additional exercises for download and via Klett Augmented
  • For classroom work as well as self-study


About the title "mal vier" = "times four":

  • Four pages per topic
  • Four page principle: pages 1 + 2 with explanations and exercises of how to use, pages 3 + 4 with advanced exercises for further practice
  • Four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Four central aspects: knowledge – training – texts – regional studies – After the initial teaching of grammar knowledge, this is practised at different levels of difficulty, put into context using authentic texts and finally enriched with intercultural aspects.

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Grammatik mal vier: Übersicht (englisch)

Grammatik mal vier: overview (in English)

Download: sample pages


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Grammatik mal vier A1 – B1, book with Klett Augmented


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