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Our digital solutions make it easy for teachers to use them in class: Digital versions, Instructional Software and many free service extras such as Klett Augmented or online exercises.






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Please note:

  • E-readers are only available directly from the E-Book Store.
  • "Interaktive Tafelbilder" and "Modelltests" are available for teachers only.
Order forms and software support
Bestellformular BlinkLearning (digitale Version mit LMS)

Order form for BlinkLearning (digital version with LMS)

Please use this form to order our digital versions for the plattform BlinkLearning.

Bestellformular Unterrichtssoftware für Lehrende und digitale Ausgaben ohne LMS für Lerner

Order form instructional software for teachers and digital versions without LMS for students

Please use this form to order instructional software for teachers or digital versions for the Klett Sprachen App.

Formular Software-Support (Deutsch)

Request for software support (in German)

Formular Software-Support (Englisch)

Request for software support (in English)

Klett Augmented

This video is in German. For English subtitles, please go to video settings (de: Einstellungen), choose subtitles (de: Untertitel) and choose "English" (de: Englisch).

Quick guide
Klett Augmented: Kurzanleitung (Deutsch)

Klett Augmented: Kurzanleitung (Deutsch)

Klett Augmented: Quick Guide (English)

Klett Augmented: Quick Guide (English)

Overview of our digital solutions

Digital Versions

With digital versions with a Learning Management System (LMS) teachers can easily create a digital classroom, benefit from automatic evaluations, access the digital textbook with all embedded media and complete interactive exercises with immediate feedback. The platform Blinklearning is required for using those versions.
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> Do you have any questions about sales? Please contact us directly.



Instructional Software

Our Instructional Software offers everything needed in a digital format, all resources and media files are ready to click. For new textbooks the Instructional Software is offered as digital edition in our Klett Sprachen app. Ideal for preparation and in-class presentation. To be used with the free Klett Sprachen app.

> More information (in German)
> Do you have any questions about sales? Please contact us directly.



Games, Training, Service and Extras

Discover more: We have many solutions to support teachers and learners. Do you know Klett Augmented? With the free app you can play all media files in your book via smartphone or tablet.

Language portals such as or Campus Difusión offer a huge selection of free teaching materials. Learners can also practice with online exercises.

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