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Wir neu

With a clear and simple orientation for students
Students aged 10+ | A1, A2, B1
• Modular structure with clear learning units
• Slow progression and recurring sections support easy teaching and learning
• Practice of skills and grammar repetition after each module

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Wir alle

Particularly suitable for courses with a few hours per week
Students aged 10+ | A1, A2, B1

• Small learning portions
• Recurring excercise types and focused tasks
• Transparent learning objectives

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Logisch! neu

With an easy-to-use approach for young people
Students aged 10+ | A1, A2, B1

• Specific CLIL tasks for interdisciplinary lessons
• Film clips about learning strategies and skills training
• Integrated exam preparation (DSD I, Fit in Deutsch (GI) and KID/ ÖSD)

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Learning made easy
Students aged 10+ | A1, A2, B1

• In small steps quickly to the goal
• Motivating projects
• Integrated exam preparation

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Magnet neu

Wth manageable learning units
Students aged 11+ | A1, A2, B1

• Easy-to-handle with its clear, linear structure
• Extensive material for regional studies
• Supports independent learning

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Geni@l klick

With a steady progression
Students aged 12+ | A1, A2, B1

• Balanced training of skills with more practice and less tests
• Exercises on multilingualism
• Self-discovering learning process and support of student‘s autonomy

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Communicative, creative, co-operative
Students aged 12+ | A1, A2, B1

• Fun packed film clips include useful phrases and authentic communication
• Exercises focus on creativity and consistent learner‘s involvement
• Real-life scenarios taken from the world of teenagers

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Fast-track learning
Students aged 12+ | A1, A2, B1

• Fast-track learning process for high flighers
• Focus on cross-cultural studies
• Tasked-based approach

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Modern and innovative
Students aged 12+ | A1, A2, B1

• Situational approach to learning
• Captivating stories with a common thread and authentic dialogues
• Large and varied media offer including LMS

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Deutsch echt einfach

With small learning units
Students aged 14+ | A1, A2, B1

• Real-life scenarios and specific communication situations activate a natural and spontanous feedback
• Video sequences with didactical recommendations
• Stopovers after each unit with room for differentiation

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Aspekte junior

German for advanced students
Students aged 14+ | B1+, B1, C1

• Based on the tried and tested concept of Aspekte neu
• Authentic film material in every chapter
• Modular structure allows linear or non-sequential use

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