Kompakt - Mit Erfolg zu ….

• Our new series „Kompakt - Mit Erfolg zu…“ offers quick orientation and assistance for currently relevant examination formats: compact, clear and goal-orientated.
• With this series we offer authentic and efficient exam preparation.
• Each book contains a complete model test, solutions and detailed explanations.

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Our series of the well-known "Intensivtrainer" becomes "DEUTSCH INTENSIV"

The following points are crucial for the new series:
• all levels from A1 to B2 will be covered
• one level - one book, no more combined titles
  each book offers an extra feature

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Klasse! German for teenagers

Three unique points about Klasse!:

• Fun packed film clips include useful phrases and authentic communication

• Exercises focus on creativity and consistent learner‘s involvement

• Real-life scenarios taken from the world of teenagers


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Maximal - modern and innnovative

Three unique points about Maximal:

• Situational approach to learning

• Captivating stories with a common thread and authentic dialogues

• Large and varied media offer including LMS


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Aspekte junior - German for advanced students

Three unique points about Aspekte junior:

• Based on the tried and tested concept of Aspekte neu

• Authentic film material in every chapter

• Modular structure allows linear or non-sequential use 


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Wo ist Paula? - German for primary schoolchildren

Three unique points about Wo ist Paula? :

• Very gentle progression – in four volumes to level A1+

• Suitable for interdisciplinary lessons

• Video sequences encourage to reenact the scenes and support speech acts


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DaF kompakt neu - the revised edition of a tried and tested concept

Three unique points about DaF kompakt neu:

• Interesting and relevant topics for the target groups

• Up-to-date regional studies from the German speaking countries

• Clear and transparent unit structure 


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DaF leicht - our new German course for beginners

Three unique points about DaF leicht:

• Easy studying with a prominent visualisation

• Easy teaching with integrated teaching notes

• Animated grammar clips and rhythm exercises for an innovative learning process 


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Die Deutschprofis - our new German course for children aged 8+

Three unique points about Die Deutschprofis:

• Rythm exercises as rap songs

• Grammar-to-discover by means of comics

• Grammar-to-touch with animated grammar clips that can be copied by the students 


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Deutsch echt einfach - our new German course for students aged 14+

Three unique points about Deutsch echt einfach:

• Real-life scenarios and specific communication situations activate a natural and spontaneous feedback

• Video sequences with didactical recommendations

• Stopovers after each unit with room for differentiation 


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Linie 1 – our new German course for everyday and working life

Three unique points about Linie 1:

• Including everyday life sceanarios for a sustained learning process

• Video clips with inventive ideas for varied speaking opportunities

• At the end of each learning unit individualized training for activating gained knowledge 

Aspekte neu - German for advanced students

Three unique points about Aspekte neu:

• Modular and linear structure

• Video DVD with authentic lm material

• Up-to-date texts and portraits of people and business ideas from Austria, Germany and Switzerland 


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Magnet neu - the successful German course for young students now completed

Three unique points about Magnet neu:

• Easy-to-handle with its clear, linear structure

• Extensive material for regional studies

• Supports independent learning 

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DaF im Unternehmen - professional communication at work

For our new business German course DaF im Unternehmen the complete edition A1/A2 is now available.

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Logisch neu - our easy and fresh German course for young students

Three unique points about Logisch neu:

• Specific CLIL tasks for interdisciplinary lessons

• Film clips about learning strategies and skills training

• Integrated exam preparation (DSD I, Fit in Deutsch (GI) and KID/ ÖSD) 


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German Intensive Trainer - now in a new design

Three unique points about the series Deutsch Intensivtrainer:

• Short presentation of rules with examples of use

• Varied exercises for an intensive grammar practice

• Focused on study tips and relevant exam formats 


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Wir neu - our updated German course for young learners

Three unique points about Wir neu:

• Modular structure with clear learning units

• Slow progression and recurring sections support easy teaching and learning

• Practice of skills and grammar repetition after each module 


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Geni@l klick - multimedia German course for teenager

Three unique points about Geni@l klick:

• Balanced training of skills with more practice and less tests

• Exercises on multilingualism

• Self-discovering learning process and support of student‘s autonomy 


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Netzwerk - media-based and sustained learning

Three unique points about Netzwerk:

• Spoken language right from the start and at the right level

• Videos with authentic communication and in an real-life environment

• Language comparision for understanding new structures and vocabulary 


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Wortschatz üben - illustrated German vocabulary for primary school children

Three unique points about Meine Welt auf Deutsch:

• Aimed at children in primary schools as well as special courses for German as a Foreign Language

• For studying everyday vocabulary in an independent and playful way

• Series offers a range of material such as illustrated vocabulary books and activity poster 

German for hospital staff - aimed at doctors and nurses

Deutsch im Krankenhaus is a language training for the most common professional situations in hospitals. Now a new intensive trainer is available.

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So geht's zum DSD - exam preparation for German as Foreign Language

Fit for the German Language Certificate of the conference of ministers for the arts and culture

This book allows a well-directed exam preparation for students aged 14+ already during lesson.

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