Netzwerk neu

Experience the proven concept in a new and active way!

The completely revised edition of the well-known beginner’s course leads learners aged 16+ to the levels A1, A2 and B1 and prepares them successfully for all relevant exams. The revised version of the   predecessor Netzwerk keeps its proven concept, however it sets new and fresh accents.

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Make fast progress with Fantastisch!

Fantastisch! is a course for teenagers aged 12+ that consists of 3 volumes (A1, A2, B1). Fantastisch! is for experienced learners and combines a demanding progression with an activity-based approach. The book focuses on intercultural learning with a double page of culture and regional studies in each chapter.

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Hallo Anna neu

The new edition “Hallo Anna neu” includes even more drawings and games in a new and more modern layout - guaranteeing variety, attractiveness and fun.

The “Vorkurs” is a brand new preparation course which focuses on listening, playing and looking (without reading and writing). It offers children a gentle approach to the German language.

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Kompakt - Mit Erfolg zu ….

• Our new series „Kompakt - Mit Erfolg zu…“ offers quick orientation and assistance for currently relevant examination formats: compact, clear and goal-orientated.
• With this series we offer authentic and efficient exam preparation.
• Each book contains a complete model test, solutions and detailed explanations.

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Our series of the well-known "Intensivtrainer" becomes "DEUTSCH INTENSIV"

The following points are crucial for the new series:
• all levels from A1 to B2 will be covered
• one level - one book, no more combined titles
  each book offers an extra feature

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Klasse! German for teenagers

Three unique points about Klasse!:

• Fun packed film clips include useful phrases and authentic communication

• Exercises focus on creativity and consistent learner‘s involvement

• Real-life scenarios taken from the world of teenagers


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Maximal - modern and innnovative

Three unique points about Maximal:

• Situational approach to learning

• Captivating stories with a common thread and authentic dialogues

• Large and varied media offer including LMS


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Aspekte junior - German for advanced students

Three unique points about Aspekte junior:

• Based on the tried and tested concept of Aspekte neu

• Authentic film material in every chapter

• Modular structure allows linear or non-sequential use 


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Wo ist Paula? - German for primary schoolchildren

Three unique points about Wo ist Paula? :

• Very gentle progression – in four volumes to level A1+

• Suitable for interdisciplinary lessons

• Video sequences encourage to reenact the scenes and support speech acts


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DaF kompakt neu - the revised edition of a tried and tested concept

Three unique points about DaF kompakt neu:

• Interesting and relevant topics for the target groups

• Up-to-date regional studies from the German speaking countries

• Clear and transparent unit structure 


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DaF leicht - our new German course for beginners

Three unique points about DaF leicht:

• Easy studying with a prominent visualisation

• Easy teaching with integrated teaching notes

• Animated grammar clips and rhythm exercises for an innovative learning process 


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Die Deutschprofis - our new German course for children aged 8+

Three unique points about Die Deutschprofis:

• Rythm exercises as rap songs

• Grammar-to-discover by means of comics

• Grammar-to-touch with animated grammar clips that can be copied by the students 


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Deutsch echt einfach - our new German course for students aged 14+

Three unique points about Deutsch echt einfach:

• Real-life scenarios and specific communication situations activate a natural and spontaneous feedback

• Video sequences with didactical recommendations

• Stopovers after each unit with room for differentiation 


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Linie 1 – our new German course for everyday and working life

Three unique points about Linie 1:

• Including everyday life sceanarios for a sustained learning process

• Video clips with inventive ideas for varied speaking opportunities

• At the end of each learning unit individualized training for activating gained knowledge 

Aspekte neu - German for advanced students

Three unique points about Aspekte neu:

• Modular and linear structure

• Video DVD with authentic lm material

• Up-to-date texts and portraits of people and business ideas from Austria, Germany and Switzerland 


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Magnet neu - the successful German course for young students now completed

Three unique points about Magnet neu:

• Easy-to-handle with its clear, linear structure

• Extensive material for regional studies

• Supports independent learning 

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DaF im Unternehmen - professional communication at work

For our new business German course DaF im Unternehmen the complete edition A1/A2 is now available.

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Logisch neu - our easy and fresh German course for young students

Three unique points about Logisch neu:

• Specific CLIL tasks for interdisciplinary lessons

• Film clips about learning strategies and skills training

• Integrated exam preparation (DSD I, Fit in Deutsch (GI) and KID/ ÖSD) 


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Wir neu - our updated German course for young learners

Three unique points about Wir neu:

• Modular structure with clear learning units

• Slow progression and recurring sections support easy teaching and learning

• Practice of skills and grammar repetition after each module 


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Geni@l klick - multimedia German course for teenager

Three unique points about Geni@l klick:

• Balanced training of skills with more practice and less tests

• Exercises on multilingualism

• Self-discovering learning process and support of student‘s autonomy 


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Netzwerk - media-based and sustained learning

Three unique points about Netzwerk:

• Spoken language right from the start and at the right level

• Videos with authentic communication and in an real-life environment

• Language comparision for understanding new structures and vocabulary 


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Wortschatz üben - illustrated German vocabulary for primary school children

Three unique points about Meine Welt auf Deutsch:

• Aimed at children in primary schools as well as special courses for German as a Foreign Language

• For studying everyday vocabulary in an independent and playful way

• Series offers a range of material such as illustrated vocabulary books and activity poster 

German for hospital staff - aimed at doctors and nurses

Deutsch im Krankenhaus is a language training for the most common professional situations in hospitals. Now a new intensive trainer is available.

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So geht's zum DSD - exam preparation for German as Foreign Language

Fit for the German Language Certificate of the conference of ministers for the arts and culture

This book allows a well-directed exam preparation for students aged 14+ already during lesson.

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